What I'll Be Watching, June 20

8 pm: Hidden Palms.

On the fourth episode of this eight-episode teen thriller/relationship drama ("What Liza Beneath"), Johnny goes to see Eddie's mother for some answers about her son's death, Cliff tries to rid himself of Travis, and Greta makes a confession to Johnny.

10 pm: Top Chef on Bravo.

On tonight's episode of Top Chef ("Sunny Delights"), the chefs are tasked with working with fruit and are judged by guest judge Norman Van Aken, while new regular judge Ted Allen finally deigns to make an appearance.

10 pm: Traveler.

On tonight's episode ("The Tells"), Tyler and Jay uncover a security box with Will's collection of aliases and some evidence about the museum bombing; Will is interrogated by his employers while the FBI make a key arrest.

* * *

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