Britney's Letter to Fans: "I Hit Rock Bottom"

Britney Spears claims she hit rock bottom in rehab. [Evil Beet]

Eva Mendes has to get drunk to film her sex scenes. [Derek Hail]

Jessica Biel and Cameron Diaz better not run into each other at the MTV Movie Awards or there's going to be drama. My money is totally on Biel if this goes down. [Fatback & Collards]

Salma Hayek grew a third breast! Either that or she's way pregnant. [Celebslam]

Ignoring your hospitalized mother is the new black. [A Socialite's Life]

The lowdown on Rose McGowan's plastic surgery. [CityRag]

Now that Richie Sambora and Denise Richards have all that homewrecking out of their systems, Richie wants to get back together with Heather Locklear. [Cele|bitchy]

Dominic Monaghan is a little bitter about being killed off on Lost, but he's coping with it by deluding himself into thinking there's a lucrative film career ahead. [Don't Judge Me]

Howard Stern is a card-carrying member of the I-Once-Tried-To-Kill-Myself celeb club, which, it's becoming increasingly clear, overlaps with the population of SAG almost perfectly. [IBBB]

Who is Danielle Lloyd? Who cares! She's in a bikini! [Jordan Is Your Homeboy]

A full year of sobriety results in Danny Bonaduce's decision to celebrate his divorce from his wife of 17 years with an Adam Carolla-hosted party in West Hollywood. Can you even imagine what a great husband he was while he was drinking? [Glitterati]

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