Mischa Barton's Shrooming Lands Her in the Hospital

Oh, Memorial Day weekend. I have to be honest, guys, I caught about thirty seconds of local news tonight before The Simpsons, and they were interviewing people with family in Iraq at some event in downtown L.A., and I was like, "Oh, crap, that's right! This is the holiday about war veterans!" I get it confused with Labor Day. (What's that one about, anyway? Slaves?) And, admit it, for most of you, Memorial Day weekend is not about remembering our soldiers abroad or at home; it's about getting so incredibly drunk you can't remember where you live, let alone the troops.

Well, Mischa Barton was doing her part to support our shrooms at a house party on Sunday, where she was tripping so hard she thought she was dying. She made such a scene that an ambulance was called, and she was taken out of the party on a stretcher by paramedics. She was hospitalized immediately, and remained in the hospital Sunday night.

Her reps are trying to spin it like she had a few alcoholic beverages while she was on antibiotics, but seriously? What the hell were the antibiotics? Shrooms? Because if mixing alcoholic beverages with antibiotics regularly landed people in the hospital, I'd be so dead right now. It's birth control you're not supposed to mix with antibiotics, people (and birth control should, for the record, always be in the mix with alcohol, but I digress).

Mischa has a long and illustrious history with drugs, with many a photo of her smoking weed circulating the Internet. Remember this? Or this? Or when her kid sister checked into rehab in February? Yeah.

You know what's sad? Part of me is feeling like she's really responsible, since she didn't drive. Sigh.

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