Paris's Jail Time Cut in Half

Paris will only serve 23 days in jail, and she will be separated from the general population. [TMZ]

Dina Lohan's not so worried about Lindsay's coke habit; it's her daughter's strong work ethic that concerns her. [A Socialite's Life]

Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh gets engaged. [Evil Beet]

Jesus, Vanna White got old. That means anyone can. [Celebrity Smack]

Kellie Pickler's tits: still fake. [Drunken Stepfather]

Last week they were saying it would be Amy Winehouse, but now the rumor mill has the Olsen twins starring in the next Bond flick. Either way, it's safe to assume these producers want to make sure there's really good cocaine at craft services. [Cele|bitchy]

Avril Lavigne poses for Blender, half-naked, smoking and drinking. You're so edgy, Avril. [POTP]

Looks like you can't even trust your damn drug dealer in Hollywood. What a horrid town. [popbytes]

Bruce Willis is dating a 23-year-old Playboy model. Dude, if I were Rumer, I'd demand to be retroactively ungrounded for everything. [Celebslam]

Cameron Diaz has a little nip slip on Ellen. [Ninja Dude]

Milla Jovovich is preggers. [ICYDK]

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