Finally! Britney Spears Hates Her Mom!

When Britney and her mom co-authored the saccharine A Mother's Gift in 2003, back when they were sticking with the "We're best friends" party line, I remember thinking to myself, "I can't wait until she's on drugs and hates her mom." The universe never disappoints me.

It was a rough Mother's Day for Lynne Spears. Lynne was hospitalized in a southern California hospital when a flu turned into pneumonia, and Britney refused to visit her, even on Mother's Day. Britney also failed to call her mom on her birthday earlier this month. The pop tart is furious with her mother, who is latest on the laundry list of people she blames for her stint in rehab. Britney's already publicly blamed her former manager, Larry Rudolph, whom her own father rushed to defend.

“Britney says her mom betrayed her and she refuses to get over it,” a source tells the National Enquirer. “When she was told to give her mom a call, Britney said: ‘I’m busy, I have my own kids now.’"

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