Kirsten Dunst's Blondie Ambition

Everyone wants to be a rock star. Even movie stars:

One way or another, "Spider-Man 3" star Kirsten Dunst is determined to play punk/new-wave icon Debbie Harry in a biopic. "It's in development," she said excitedly about playing the Blondie singer. "I've talked to Debbie. We're both Jersey girls, and I think she's the coolest woman in the world."

I dunno: I'm from the Bronx -- does that mean I should play J. Lo?

Look, I'm a big fan of Kirsten Dunst's. She's got genuine old-fashioned, golden-age-Hollywood screen presence. She's got that magical, indefinable It. But when she's awesome in comedy -- like Bring It On -- her steely backbone is hidden behind cute spunk. When she's awesome in drama -- The Cat's Meow -- her steely backbone is hidden behind sweet vulnerability. Debbie Harry may be all steely backbone, but I don't think either cute-and-spunky or sweet-and-vulnerable is gonna work here. I'm with Harry's fans, who had some interesting ideas about casting: Dunst is far from the first actress to spring to mind to play the Blondie frontwoman.

So for my unathorized Blondie movie, these are the gals, in no particular order of preference, I'm getting on the phone first:

= Maggie Gyllenhaal: Maggie is pretty much a rock chick by nature.

= Samantha Morton: Ditto.

= Scarlett Johansson: Ditto.

= Toni Collette: She knows how to handle anti-rock little miss sunshines.

= Chloe Sevigny: She'd bring some of that Party Monster 'tude.

= Franka Potente: She would bring that Run Lola Run 'tude.

= Miranda Otto: She kicked Sauron's ass in The Lord of the Rings.

= Sarah Polley: She kicked zombie ass in Dawn of the Dead.

= Cate Blanchett: If she can play Bob Dylan, she can sure as hell play Debbie Harry!

= Kate Winslet: She pulled off blue hair in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

= Charlize Theron: She pulled off playing a serial killer.

= Namoi Watts: She knows how to entertain apes.

[compiled with the assistance of Nathaniel R.'s "Top Actresses of the Aughts" at The Film Experience.


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