What I'll Be Watching, May 18

8 pm: Absolutely Fabulous on BBC America.

What better way than to begin your weekend of debauchery than by starting it with two people even more pickled than you'll be? On tonight's "vintage" episode of AbFab ("Paris"), Pats and Edina head to Paris for a fashion shoot but it's Eddy and Saffy who end up bonding.

8:40 pm: Coupling on BBC America.

Revisit the Coupling gang way back when. On the first of two episodes tonight ("The Man With Two Legs"), Jeff falls in love with the leg of a woman on a train, while Sally introduces her new beau to the group. Then it's "My Dinner in Hell," in which Steve makes a fool of himself with his, er, solos when Susan's parents come round for dinner.

* * *

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