American Idol Power Rankings: Calling the Final Two

There are only three contestants left, but there's no way I'm going to rank only three people for the American Idol power rankings. So I'm throwing the judges in too, you deserve at least that for your viewing dollar.

6. Simon
He relentlessly pushed a Melinda agenda which I don't think is fair. I don't mind when he offers criticism but when he flat out asks for Melinda in the final that's going too far. Plus, these last few weeks, he has really dinged Jordin on the "feels old" complaint, as if someone younger can't possibly sing anything that came out after 1990. I don't get it.

5. Randy
He loved every performance and called everyone "a hot one" at some point. Not everyone can be hot. Someone must be cool. He also uttered one of the silliest things to date, "This is the point in the season where I really look to see who is going to bring it." What? This is the time? With three people left? That's a comment for a month ago, otherwise we might as well put a string in Randy. Also, he worked with Whitney Houston? And he mentioned it? I am shocked! To his credit he did offer a prediction at the end of the show, Jordin vs. Melinda in the finals. If he's right then bump him up to fourth for me.

4. Paula Abdul
I can't believe it either, but her silence was enough to give her a victory in the judge competition. No slurring words either, although Simon and Ryan took two thinly veiled shots at her with "Tonight Simon is the one not making any sense," and "Are you asking me (instead of Paula) if I'm drunk?" Thankfully I'm guessing Paula didn't even notice. Lastly, I can't fight it anymore, Paula and the microphone are meant to be together. Who am I to deny true love? They are like peas and carrots.

3. Blake
This is the first week where I would not be surprised by any outcome. Blake seems to be a guy who would have the easiest route, as he's the most accessible for the teen vote, but he's also got the weakest voice of the trio. He's only good at soft songs, and then not with the complete range of high notes. If you were going on voice, Blake would be out. If you were going on overall creativity Blake would be in. So again, I have no idea.

2. Jordin
She's still my favorite by far but the judges seem to be determined to derail her momentum. Did the producers tell them we need more drama? C'mon guys, she loves "Mmmbop"! It doesn't get righter than that. Jordin leading off the show really hurts her too, I've just got to hope there are enough Jordinites left to pull her through. A finale without Jordin would be a sham.

1. Melinda
"Nutbush City Limits" was a great choice for her, showing off her inner Tina Turner, but the arrangement was pretty jacked up. The Bob Seger version features a much heavier guitar sound that would have really worked for Melinda. For me, she'll never be a dynamic enough stage presence even though she's got an amazing voice. But she got so much love last night that I could see the votes falling her way.

Honorable mention and random thoughts:
If I had to bet I'd say Melinda goes home (even though I have her first in the rankings). Either girl vs. Blake offers the most contrast, Jordin vs. Melinda would just be two power singers matching up. How are they going to drag the vote-off show out tonight? I sure hope we get to see a Ford commercial!

See ya next week.

------------------------------------------------, now with extra pepperoni.