Network Scorecard: ABC

With the Peacock already announcing its fall schedule this week, next up is ABC, which readies to make its lineup announcements in a few hours' time. With renewals already issued for many of its series and eleven series orders (including late-in-the-game Miss/Guided) already out there, don't expect too many surprises from ABC.

"We're heading into the new season with a strong lineup of returning shows that we've developed and nurtured over the past few years," said ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson in a statement. "That solid foundation will help us launch an exciting development slate as we continue our forward momentum this fall. We're dedicated to working hard week after week to deliver the best stories and most memorable characters on TV."

But rather than wait those few hours until ABC's official upfront presentation, here's a look at their official schedule.

ABC Primetime Schedule for the 2007-08 Season:


8-9:30 pm: Dancing with the Stars

9:30-10 pm: Sam I Am

10-11 pm: The Bachelor


8-8:30 pm: Cavemen

8:30-9 pm: Carpoolers

9-10 pm: Dancing with the Stars Results Show

10-11 pm: Boston Legal


8-9 pm: Pushing Daisies

9-10 pm: Private Practice

10-11 pm: Dirty Sexy Money


8-9 pm: Ugly Betty

9-10 pm: Grey's Anatomy

10-11 pm: Big Shots


8-9 pm: Men in Trees

9-10 pm: Women's Murder Club

10-11 pm: 20/20


8-11 pm: Saturday Night College Football


7-8 pm: America's Funniest Home Videos

8-9 pm: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

9-10 pm: Desperate Housewives

10-11 pm: Brothers & Sisters

For those of you keeping track of such things, here's how the ABC schedule stacks up.

Returning Series:

Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, Boston Legal, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Men in Trees, 20/20, America's Funniest Home Videos, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Jimmy Kimmel Live

New Series:

Sam I Am, Cavemen, Carpoolers, Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Shots, Women's Murder Club, Oprah's Big Give

New Timeslots for Returning Series:

Men in Trees

Midseason Launches/Returns:

Lost, Cashmere Mafia, Notes from the Underbelly, October Road, Miss/Guided, Wife Swap, Supernanny


Showing a bit of stability, ABC left much of its lineup intact, playing up its strengths (reality franchises on Monday, tentpole dramas on Thursday and Sunday), with a hearty sprinkling of new series throughout. Interesting that it's holding onto Darren Star-produced Cashmere Mafia until midseason, just like NBC is doing with their similarly themed (though far superior) femme drama Lipstick Jungle. Coincidence?

I was really hoping that The Middle would end up with a pickup, but--alas--it wasn't to be. Meanwhile, Miss/Guided will end up in midseason; I'm hoping they take the time to retool a bit. In the end, ABC opted not to renew either According to Jim or George Lopez but is now responsible for releasing the atrocious Cavemen onto an unsuspecting home audience. I'd rather have seen the classier Sam I Am paired with Carpoolers but at the same time, it makes sense to pair the female-driven comedy with similarly-skewing reality fare like Dancing with the Stars (still an hour and a half!) and The Bachelor.

ABC is taking a bit of a chance using Wednesday as a launch pad for three new dramas, but it should be anchored by Grey's spinoff Private Practice at 9 pm (just where will Lost go when it returns in February?). And I am overjoyed to see that Televisionary's favorite drama pilot this season (or really of the past few seasons, if I am being honest) didn't end up stuck on Friday nights, after all: Pushing Daisies will kick off Wednesday nights at 8 pm. Fingers crossed it connects with the rest of America as much as it did with me.

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Jace is an LA-based television development and acquisitions junior exec who watches way too much television for his own good and would love a TiVo for every room in the house. (He?s halfway there.) His blog, Televisionary, can be found at