Network Scorecard: CW

Ah, the CW. I can't tell you how angry I am with this whole Veronica Mars cancellation deal. Seriously, I know you're trying to give the fans a (false) sense of a reprieve while Rob Thomas goes off and writes a script while you wait out the clock on the actor's contracts (June 15th and ticking!), but I wish you'd have the guts to just be honest.

There. I've made my peace. Now onto what you really want to know: just what will the CW look like in its second year on the air? (Answer: Rather similar to what it did last year, just without any series with critical traction.)

Rather than wait those few minutes until CW's official upfront presentation, here's a look at their official schedule now.

CW Primetime Schedule for the 2007-08 Season:


8-8:30 pm: Everybody Hates Chris

8:30-9 pm: Aliens in America

9-9:30 pm: Girlfriends

9:30-10 pm: The Game


8-9 pm: Beauty and the Geek

9-10 pm: Reaper


8-9 pm: America's Next Top Model

9-10 pm: Gossip Girl


8-9 pm: Smallville

9-10 pm: Supernatural


8-10 pm: WWE Smackdown


7-7:30 pm: CW Now

7:30-8 pm: Online Nation

8-9 pm: Life is Wild

9-10 pm: America's Next Top Model (Repeat)

For those of you keeping track of such things, here's how the CW schedule stacks up.

Returning Series:

America's Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek, Everybody Hates Chris, Girlfriends, The Game, Smallville, Supernatural

New Series:

Aliens in America, Reaper, Gossip Girl, CW Now, Online Nation, Life is Wild

New Time slots for Returning Series:

Beauty and the Geek

Midseason Launches/Returns:

Crowned, Farmer Wants a Wife, One Tree Hill, Pussycat Dolls II

Summer Launch:

Hidden Palms


All of Us, Gilmore Girls, Reba, Seventh Heaven, Veronica Mars (TBC)


To be totally honest, I don't have much to say about the announced lineup. I love Beauty and the Geek and America's Next Top Model but there's nothing else (save, maybe Chris) that is going to get me to tune in anymore.

Some of you will have your favorites (I know there are a lot of Smallville and Supernatural fans out there), but there isn't a single new series on this lineup that interests me in the least. The script for Gossip Girl was decent, if not my cup of tea, and I'll be seeing the pilot next week so I'll make my final decision then.

Final verdict: meh.

* * *

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