Don't Wait 28 Weeks to See It

Hey! There's still time left! You can still be the first person on your block to see 28 Weeks Later! Because, you know, nobody saw it this weekend. And really, they should have. There are a lot of reasons to see it - but there have been a few critics out there making some lame comments I'd like to address. So consider these counterpoints, and seriously consider checking this out if it's your type of thing.

It's all just an obvious metaphor for Iraq. Really? Please. Don't let the tanks and uniforms confuse you. Just because the American military is involved and Hollywood is notoriously liberal does not mean that this has anything to do with Iraq. The military is present on an ally's soil (after its own army and people were mostly wiped out), there is no underground resistance of any kind, and the military is given the exact same tough orders they are given in EVERY film that involves the military against a horrific threat - be it Godzilla, the Blob or a zombie horde. If you still think this is about Iraq, go back and watch Day of the Dead and ask yourself - is this about Iraq? If that sounds silly to you, you're beginning to understand how I feel about this criticism.

It's just a big, loud sequel to a very good, small film. Yes. It is. So was Dawn of the Dead. Now refresh my memory, smart guys - which one do people herald as the classic of Romero's dead trilogy again? I swear, some critics have no sense of history or scale. I'd like to see them go back in time and review Dawn of the Dead. Well, you know, I really liked the first one. It was quiet, set in that creepy house and was all about the people. But this mall is so garish, and all the gun fights are silly. And why did the leads have to be SWAT officers? Really, just re-watch the original. You probably hate Aliens, too. And every other film that tried to tell a different story than the movie before it.

They're not zombies. No, they're not. They different. They're something new. But we're human beings and as such we like to categorize things. It makes it easier when communicating. These are people, who cannot be cured, who run around and eat other people. They're mindless. They operate in mobs. And they crave human flesh. Sure sounds a lot like zombies. Don't let all that Romero (and those Romero knockoffs) fool you. The idea of the zombie is far older than Night of the Living Dead, and most renditions aren't necessarily "undead" corpses that crawled out of the ground requiring a bullet to the head to dispatch. This is pretty much a zombie movie. Get over it.

Really, this is a fun, horrific, bloody, summer scare-fest. You're gonna be lucky if you find something both this good and this dark coming out this summer. Go, have fun and be sure to tell your friends. Solid, entertaining fare like this deserves a chance against being swallowed up by the behemoth blockbusters that flank it.

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