David Beckham Celebrates His Birthday

I'm sure David Beckham was super excited that his birthday party was basically a Spice Girls reunion. [Cele|bitchy]

Look, Isaiah, it's over. Just stop using homophobic slurs. No need to film a whole PSA about it. [The Bosh]

Who else is totally psyched for the J.Lo/Marc Anthony juggernaut that is El Cantante? [Junkiness]

It looks like Jessica Alba may be getting very, very naked for Sin City 2. [Agent Bedhead]

Please, David Hasselhoff, remind us again how your ex-wife has a substance abuse problem. I mean, after you sober up enough to eat a hamburger without assistance. [The Blemish]

Mr. Hail conducts a thorough analysis of some possible explanations for the white powder on Kate Moss's pants as she leaves a London club. [Derek Hail]

The Smashing Pumpkins are touring again. Break out the Urban Decay nail polish. [ICYDK]

Brad and Angelina are still disgustingly in love. [Daily Stab]

Busta Rhymes gets pulled over due to having excessively tinted skin windows, and winds up with a DUI. [Yeeeah!]

Now that Lindsay and Britney don't go to AA meetings, we're forced to turn our attention to Mike Tyson's rehabbing adventures. [Bossip]

A billion more Coachella photos, because some of you care. [Buzznet]

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