The Greatest DVD Post Ever!

Okay, time to come clean. If you clicked on this post hoping it would be the best DVD post ever, I have to send you packing. You were conned. What can I say, I'm a product of my environment and I'm easily influenced. See, I rented Little Children on DVD the other day and was pleasantly surprised. I'd heard some awfully mixed things about the movie, and eventually it was relegated to "DVD rental" status and I missed it in theatres. But I'm not here really to talk about the movie per se. What I really want to discuss is the misleading DVD cover art.

Take a look at the film's theatrical poster to the left. A nice post-coitus shot of Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson. It doesn't tell the entire story, but it does signal a pretty serious film (although, I must admit that there are some darkly funny moments). Now take a look at the terribly misleading DVD cover art. It's got the black background, but doesn't it have a wonderful romantic-comedy edge to it? Check out Patrick Wilson laughing it up. Behold the chick-flick smile of Kate Winslet, something straight out of the The Holiday.

I can just see some unsuspecting customer renting this thing: "Oh, honey, it has the girl from Titanic. Look, they're laughing and smiling ... it must be all be rainbows and cotton candy!" Instead, what do they get? Pedophiles. Adultery. Bullies. Creepy masturbation. And good 'ol castration. Woo-hoo!

This isn't the first time they've tried to fool us, and it won't be the last. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Laremy blasted the Black Snake Moan cover-box for false advertising of a different sort. I know Little Children's subject matter isn't exactly an easy sell. But let's try and keep it honest so I don't have to false-advertise my blogs.