Head to Head: Murphy vs. Myers

Once again, it?s a weekend battle of head to head stars, only this time they're from the same movie. That's right, nothing dares open in theaters against Shrek the Third so why not face two wildly successful SNL veterans off in the squared circle? In this corner, we have Austin Powers himself, funnyman Mike Myers. And over in this corner, straight off of his Academy Award nomination for Dreamgirls, comedy legend Eddie Murphy. Let?s drop the cage. Two men enter! One man leaves!

In the box office this weekend: Winner ? Tie. Come on. Same movie. Huge box-office receipts. Although if you need this to sway one way or another, I?m not exactly seeing Donkey?s face plastered all over every food product, billboard and convenience store I see.

In the critical arena: Winner ? Neither. Early word on this already has been very negative. Everything I?ve heard from people who have seen it through many stages is that it very much feels like a film made because they knew it would make money rather than the fact that they had a really good idea. They?re both going to take a beating over this. Although Murphy might take a slight advantage because it is not nearly as detestable to critics as Norbit was, and Myers hasn?t been around much, leaving him prone to where has this guy been and why did he bother to do this questions. Although it?s always possible that the post-Norbit critic/audience disjunction could cause some critical backlash for Murphy.

In their careers: Winner ? Murphy. Myers is a beloved comedian with a string of hit films. Murphy, on the other hand, is one of the top five grossing entertainers working today. Myers may have ?cred,? but Murphy makes mints off the biggest of stinkers. Sure, he?s got a few flops ? but he?s also got an Oscar nod. I think Myers was nominated for a few MTV Movie Awards once. But either way they're both richer than God, so make of that what you will.

In a fight: Winner ? Please. Murphy. Murphy?s ripped, headstrong and seems just a little bit on the crazy side. And come on, Myers is Canadian. And while I?ve known some Canadians who could hold their own in a fight, they?re just so gosh darned nice. And nice guys lose fights to half-crazy Americans. Unless it was a fight during a hockey game. Then I?d totally put my money on Myers.

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