New DVD Release Report | 5/15/07

There's a ton of strength at the top of the list this DVD Tuesday, many choices to consider opening the purse strings for. I've got three buys and three rents, and strangely enough one of this week's new releases, Rent, isn't on either list. Go figure, eh?

Let's weave our way through this like the guys from Hackers weaved in and out of the newfangled "internet" way back in 1995 (including a very young actor named Angelina Jolie).

Strong Buy

1. The Fountain

This is a crazy strange movie from Aronofsky that I swear I figured out when it was in theaters (though now I'm freshly confused). It's worth a buy because very few movies have the ability to make you say, "What just happened?" The perfect choice to view with friends, get some coffee, and discuss. Now if only there was a feature on the DVD called "This is what just happened."

2. Caddyshack 20th Anniversary Edition
Why not? If you don't own this you really should. It's still fun, even after two decades. If you don't believe me check out this wonderful Bill Murray clip. I do ding them here for lack of special features, so if you do already own this one, you can skip this particular version.

3. Becket (1964)

I watched this when I was but a lad growing up on the mean streets of Boca Raton, Florida, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's got aging beauty Peter O'Toole back when he was a scampering youngster and it presents much to discuss. The disc also has a commentary by Sir O'Toole -- I've started the campaign to have him knighted. Long live the separation of church and state, my brothers.


4. Pan's Labyrinth

I didn't really dig this, but I've been told by enough people that I was wrong that I now believe it. Plus, if you tell your friends you are renting El Labertinto del Fauno they will look at you with equal measures of awe and respect.

Probably Not

5. Stomp the Yard
I did like this one! And yet I know yard, and the stompin' of said yard is not for everyone. Even better news, this comes with bonus dance scene extras. Prepare your living room for some serious stompin', maybe notify your downstairs neighbor.

6. Seraphim Falls
It was not beloved. Or even loved for that matter. But if you can't get enough of Liam Neeson or Pierce Brosnan, make sure that you're first in line. Supplies are limited.

That's all for now. See you next Tuesday!

------------------------------------------------, if not now, when?