Salute SNL's Shorts: Part Two

Perhaps the most influential change in SNL's post-Tina Fey era has been the addition of The Lonely Island — writer Jorma Taccone, writer-director Akiva Schaffer, and featured player Andy Samberg. I’ve plugged these guys before, and, God willing, I’ll continue to do so 'til my tongue falls out of my head. Their pre-SNL website hosts a trove of multifarious, often unfairly funny material (check out The O.C. parody "The 'Bu" as a taste-whetting starter), but they’re doubtless best known now as the guys behind Lazy Sunday, Dick in a Box, and the rest of the generally well received SNL digital shorts that've been YouTube staples since December '05. It seems fitting, then, with the "Best of 2006-2007" show set to air next weekend and viewer voting on the best short still open as of this writing, to take a look back at any that you may have missed:

Laser Cats! - Lasers + Cats = Samberg and Bill Hader’s time to shine.

Ariel & Efrim - Samberg and Tom Hanks take on the ’90s. Hmm.

Peyote - When it seems like all hope is gone … double check to make sure you’re not just blasted out of your nut on south-of-the-border psychedelic cactus. Y’know?

Andy Walking - Like that thing Jay Leno does. Only, twice as ridiculous.

Cubicle Fight - Hader vs. Dane Cook — to the death.

Harpoon Man - John C. Reilly as Shaft-meets-the-Gorton’s-Fisherman. Drive-you-to-violence theme song courtesy of Samberg, impressive gorings courtesy of Reilly.

Pep Talk - Fred Armisen vs. the pressures of running a food-court eatery — think Scanners.

Dick in a Box (censored) (uncensored) - You know. Yeah. You know.

Laser Cats! 2 - Round Two: This time, there’s a message. (No, no there isn’t.)

Nurse Nancy - Pickin’ on Eddie Murphy. ’Cause, you know, folks don't do that enough.

Body Fuzion - Sweet ’80s-aerobics porn. Happy birthday, weirdo.

Andy Popping Into Frame - Yep. That’s what this is, all right.

Business Meeting - Rainn Wilson, at a somehow even stranger office.

The Shooting - Another oft-imitated monster hit. Apparently, it's even funnier if you watch The O.C.

Roy Rules! - You can love your in-laws, or you can love your in-laws. Choose wisely.