Britney's Comeback Tour, Stop Two: More Gum and Fewer Cameras

The second stop on the Britney Spears Comeback Tour 2007 was the House of Blues in Anaheim (really, Brit? Anaheim?). Security was super tight: no cell phones or recording equipment was allowed inside, and guests had to go through metal detectors to get in. Brit went on a little after 9:30 and performed for 12 minutes.

She did the same five-song mini-show that she'd done the night before in San Diego. Brit was apparently so focused on her singing that she was able to chew gum for a portion of the performance. Lip-synching much, Brit-Brit?

Once again, she didn't say much to the fans: "Thank you so much" was all they got. But according a Perez Hilton spy, her actions told a larger story:

On Wednesday's show, while lipsynching to the song Toxic -- "I need a hit, baby give me it" -- Britney did the cocaine move, like putting her finger to her nose pretending she was doing a bump of coke and then she gave a cheeky smile.

Get it, guys? It's funny because she's a drug addict.

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