Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Step Out in Public

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are finally ready to admit they're a couple. [Evil Beet]

Denise Richards says she didn't sleep with her best friend's husband while they were married; she waited until a week or so after they were split up. Jesus, people are so quick to judge. [Celebrity Smack]

I love that Kim Kardashian is staring at her own tits on the red carpet. I told you guys she was going to be a big star. [Derek Hail]

Last summer, Lindsay Lohan was all about bikinis and Harry Morton. This summer, he's been exchanged for British model Callum Best, but her relationship with the bikinis is everlasting. [The Blemish]

Molly Shannon is back on SNL, if only for one night. [popbytes]

A collection of pictures of celebs giving the finger to paparazzi. [Celeb Slam]

Joe Francis is going to jail forever. Yay! [Cele|bitchy]

Nicky Hilton is coping with the stress of her sister's legal troubles by wearing Spandex. [Drunken Stepfather]

Sophia Bush, on the other hand, thinks the whole thing is really funny. [Glitterati]

T.R. Knight was shocked -- shocked! -- that some people thought maybe coming out of the closet wouldn't be stellar for his career. And he plans to prove them wrong, by continuing to talk about it to every magazine that will listen. [POTP]

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