Grading Heroes: Landslide

We are down to one episode left here people. I don't want to alarm you, but this summer will be Heroes free. And it seems there is no one we can formally protest to this about, not even Jeff Zucker.

The Good
Oh Sylar, you sneaky little murderer. The Linderman character is big fun too. Perfectly played by Malcolm McDowell. I've always loved the "greater good" argument, and it's juicy enough that Heroes is smart to place their story arc directly on it. It was nice to see Hiro call Nathan out too. Sulu!! I rejoice that he's back. I don't know what to make of Bennett executing people, but it does make for an interesting show.

The Bad
The opening: Hey, I know these people have extraordinary abilities. Let's all agree to just get into the story. If Nathan is considering blowing up NYC, he should just go with it. You're either psychotic or not. Let's not keep portraying him as possibly good. Embrace the dark side! Nathan's wife is back??!! She's been off the grid since like episode three. Also, we need more people talking it out during gun standoffs. We're all good guys let's just work this problem out. What was up with the Peter Petrelli commercial with a blood? Hey, wouldn't Hiro have mentioned to Ando that he'd a training for a bit? Claire is right, they should just fly everywhere. If you've got the power, why not? D.L. should have started ripping out brains long ago.

The Verdict B
It had a nice ending, but clearly the episode was all about putting the chess pieces in play. We're just being primed for next week. It's going to be massive. I beg of you Heroes, no cliffhangers!

See you next Tuesday, provided the world is saved.

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