Bud Hits the Bud

You know, come to think of it, David Faustino's really done a remarkable job of staying out of trouble this long. He was a child star, quickly typecast into the role of Bud Bundy on Married with Children, and never really got another decent role after the series wrapped ten years ago. He's 33 now, and he just got pinched in Florida for marijuana possession and disorderly intoxication, after drunkenly fighting with his ex-wife. He was booked and released the same day.

Honestly, Bud, congrats on making it this far without overdosing on heroin or religious fanaticism. You've done alright in my book.

The five-foot-three Faustino filed for divorce from his wife since 2003, Andrea Elmer, in February of this year. Some of his more recent projects include 2006's genre-redefining opus Puff, Puff, Pass, 2005's High Hopes and 2001's Killer Bud. Faustino is set to take on the role of Banquo in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Macbeth this summer. Except that's totally not true. He's pretty much set to smoke weed all summer.

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