Britney Spears Comeback Tour Day 3: Now with More Lindsay Lohan!

Our darling Brit did the third (and supposedly last) of her comeback mini-shows at the West Hollywood House of Blues last night. Even though the show was held well within the thirty-mile zone, the only high-profile celeb who made an appearance was Miss Lindsay Lohan, who was probably just there to collect on that eight-ball she sold her last week. But who knows -- maybe they were going to an AA meeting together later. And of course by "an AA meeting" I mean "the Chateau Marmont. To do cocaine." Britney's set was 11 minutes long -- her shortest yet -- and the only words she spoke were "Thank you, L.A."

Britney left the venue in her now-ubiquitous pink bra and a denim skirt, on which someone had penned her name and the word "evil." The Evil B. I like the sound of that.

Man, it's a slow news day. I'm just sticking around to find out if Paris Hilton's going to jail. And I'm doing a lot of praying in between. Please, God?

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