What's on Tonight, May 3

8 pm: Ugly Betty.

On tonight's installment ("Secretaries Day"), Betty tries to scrounge together some cash to solve the latest installment of the Ignacio Suarez immigration problem while planning Mode's big assistants' week party at a medieval-themed restaurant. Meanwhile, Alexis considers running away to Brazil with Rodrigo and Daniel considers he might have a sexual addiction.

8-8:36 pm: My Name is Earl.

On tonight's super-sized episode ("Get a Real Job"), Earl decides to get his first real job as a salesperson at an appliance store, but his qualifications are put under scrutiny. Is it just me or does this show seriously need to step it up, given the strengths of fellow NBC laughers The Office and 30 Rock?

8:36-9:19 pm: The Office.

On tonight's super-sized episode ("Women's Appreciation"), after Phyllis is, er, confronted by a flasher, Dwight and Andy team up to catch the predator, while Michael, who has some personal problems of his own, attempts to comfort and console the women in his own unique style: by taking them on a very special outing.

9-11 pm: Grey's Anatomy.

No, I'm not a Grey's watcher (that whole pesky having a Y-chromosome thing), but I am curious to see how Shonda Rhimes will attempt to spin off the series into the aforementioned Private Practice with Addison taking the spotlight. Find out tonight!

9:19-9:53 pm: Scrubs.

On tonight's episode ("My Cold Shower"), Elliot plans a redo when her engagement ring doesn't fit, while the men of Sacred Heart all realize they've become completely undersexed, leading to many a cold shower. Plus, J.D. once again realizes he still has feelings for Elliot.

* * *

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