American Idol Power Rankings

Two people will go home tonight as we get down to four. It wasn't the best show for me (dog) but seeing Jovi again took me back. Just like Estevez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christian Slater, and Kiefer Sutherland, I too was a Young Gun, Jovi, I too saw a million faces (and rocked them all). Here's the skinny on who the rankings foretell are headed out.

8. Bon Jovi
His music wasn't ideal for any of the contestants besides Phil. Bon Jovi's theory that his songs are laced with the blues made the collective world scratch their collective heads. "Wanted Dead or Alive" has the blues? Say what?

7. The Judges
Guys, it's simple math. I speak specifically to Paula and Randy here: only four contestants can move on. Thirty-three percent go home tonight. How, then, was everyone's performance enough to get them through? Paula needs to say something besides "you're a rock star!" or else they should get someone in there who will. I humbly offer my services.

6. Phil
His performance last night was probably one of the best. But tonight will be about the combined performances, and the season as a whole. I don't think Phil has built up enough of a fan base to survive a culling down to four.

5. LaKisha
She was one of the better performances too, but she and Melinda must be splitting votes at this point. They are the same style of pint-sized power singer, but Melinda is better at it. Her kiss with Simon will turn out to be the kiss of death.

4. Chris
He's got a great chance of going home too, as he murdered all the fun in "Dead or Alive." Somehow he didn't incorporate any of Bon Jovi's advice, and I'm pretty sure the Bon laughed at his overall chances. Even if Chris survives, he's gone next week.

3. Melinda
She was her normal, strong self even though the song "Have a Nice Day" is one of the lesser hits and somewhat annoying to endure. Whether or not she makes the finals will have a ton to do with the themes. She, Blake, and Jordin are different enough that one of them will be doomed from song choice.

2. Blake
How about that remix? And bringing out the beat-boxing? Well played, sir. He's been a streaky singer because his weakness is how little "hard edge" there is in his voice, but he certainly picked a good time to knock one out of the park.

1. Jordin
She wasn't good last night, perhaps even the worst of the bunch. The guitarists next to her were completely silly and hurt her ability to stalk the stage like a true rocker. It's not a good sign that she couldn't adapt, but I still think her body of work saves her. Without Blake or Jordin in the final mix, the show would be unbearable.

Honorable mention and random thoughts:
Why not a theme where the Idols get to choose their own song? In the real world would they attempt to sing country if they were R&B? No, no, no. Let's let the last four contestants put their best on the table for the final three weeks, eh?

See ya next week.

------------------------------------------------, also with a sensitive voice.