What's on Tonight, May 1

8 pm: Gilmore Girls.

I've given up on this once-great drama, but for the few of you out there still watching (there's potentially 13 more lousy episodes next season!), here's what's going on. On tonight's episode ("Lorelai? Lorelai?"), Lorelai tries to cheer up Rory by taking her for a day of shopping and invites Luke to join them at a karaoke bar. Yawn.

9 pm: Veronica Mars.

Finally! Veronica Mars returns from its way-too-long hiatus this week with a brand new episode ("Un-American Graffiti"), in which a Middle Eastern restaurateur hires Veronica to discover who has been vandalizing his restaurant, while Papa Keith, now acting sheriff, begins a program in which his deputies conduct ID checks in all of Neptune's bars.

* * *

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