Grading Heroes

Wow. I would end the column right there if this series didn't deserve better, and with only three episodes left, we should savor all the Heroes-related moments we can.

The Good
Almost everything. An alternate universe plot is something most series never attempt; much less one in its inaugural year. Peter Petrelli and Niki dating. Peter's massive scar! The world was turned upside down and oodles of new questions popped up. What happened to Nathan? When did Parkman head over to the dark side? What's up with the barely mentioned "Linderman Act"? Why didn't Claire's future husband elope immediately, without even asking questions? The biggest question, however, is does any of this stuff matter? If we have to keep track of a parallel universe I don't know what I'll do with myself. Keeping up with the current 25 characters has my spreadsheets taxed enough. Such a great show, such a great idea, I still have no idea how they'll end this season. One further note: it was scary the amount of subtext in last night's Heroes. Like the X-Men before it, this show seems to be pointing out real flaws in our way of life. I don't know how much people are reading into the show, but it seems to me that the "mutants" in the story are being used to say something bigger than just how cool it would be to have superpowers.

The Bad
Sylar! I'm pretty sure he was meant to be bad, though. But I would appreciate it if he'd stop cutting people's skull caps off. After all, I'm pretty sure this guy isn't meant to channel Hannibal Lecter. Next up, what happened to Bennet's boss? I would have thought he'd be high up in the food chain. I also don't buy Mohinder helping to suppress the hero movement for five years, exploding New York or no. Lastly, I miss Hiro's dad. Bring back Sulu!

The Verdict
A. It was such a riveting episode that we had to pause every few minutes to converse about it. A whole slew of new plots were presented, and we got more Hiro for our buck. Right now Heroes is as good as television can get. Let's all enjoy this wave while it lasts.

See you next week!

------------------------------------------------, wishing I were a hero.