Head to Head: Barrymore vs. Dunst

This week’s Head to Head brings us the clash of two of the world's loveliest ladies. In this corner, sporting the billion-dollar franchise and the red locks, Kirsten Dunst. And in this corner, one of Hollywood’s most beloved actress/producers, and the only girl to go to rehab before other girls her age were wearing makeup, Drew Barrymore. As always, let’s drop the cage. Two women enter! One woman leaves!

In the box office this weekend: Winner – Dunst. Remember last week when I asked how you might handicap a fight between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jamie Kennedy? Well, it’s the same thing here. Spider-Man 3 is gonna make so much money that they’ll have to print more just to keep up. It’s an insane franchise that breaks all sorts of records every time they make one. If Spider-Man 3 were a car, Lucky You would be its speed bump.

In the critical arena: Winner – Barrymore. Curtis Hanson films are nothing if not beloved by the critics. And Barrymore is a longtime favorite of both fans and critics alike. Besides, the Dunst isn’t going to get a lot of credit for her performance in a role we’ve seen twice already, no matter how good she is.

In their careers: Winner – Barrymore. Again, this is one of those no-brainers. Not only has she been acting since childhood with a string of hits behind her, but she's also produced and is in complete control of her own destiny. She could get to a point where no one in town would hire her, but she'd still have a way to make big-budget films and have them get into theaters. Dunst is certainly no slouch, with a string of huge movies and a few critically acclaimed indie films too. But she’s gonna have to put some of that Spidey money to work for her if she wants to get close to the level Drew’s playing at.

In my heart of hearts: Winner – Barrymore. Drew. Sweetie. I’ve loved you since I was seven. Remember? You were in E.T. I was in line for E.T. Those precious moments we shared lasted up until Firestarter, but our bond only grew. Cat’s Eye. That awesome episode of Ray Bradbury Theatre where you found that woman buried alive. These are the moments we live for. That Dunst girl means nothing to me. Honest. I swear.

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