Salute SNL's Shorts: A (Loving) Look Back

Perhaps the most influential change in SNL's post-Tina Fey era has been the addition of The Lonely Island - writer Jorma Taccone, writer-director Akiva Schaffer, and featured player Andy Samberg. I've plugged these guys before, and, God willing, I'll continue to do so 'til my tongue falls out of my head. Their pre-SNL website hosts a trove of multifarious, often unfairly funny material (check out The O.C. parody "The 'Bu" as a taste-whetting starter), but they're doubtless best known now as the guys behind Lazy Sunday, Dick in a Box, and the rest of the generally well received SNL digital shorts that've been YouTube staples since December '05. It seems fitting, then, with the "Best of 2006-2007" show set to air next weekend and viewer voting on the best short still open as of this writing, to take a look back at any that you may have missed:

Lettuce - Will Forte - and fresh produce - comfort a despondent Andy Samberg in a time of need.

Lazy Sunday - Accept none of the (far too available) substitutes; here's the pop-culture-laden ode that started the frenzy.

Young Chuck Norris - Jason Sudeikis pays tribute to Norris (Samberg) and his widely accepted omnipotence with a Tenacious D-ish rock paean.

The Tangent - Fred Armisen expertly talks your ear off - with surprise cameos!

Close Talkers - Sure, they did it on Seinfeld. But not like this. (And not with Steve Martin.)

A Day In The Life of Natalie Portman - Pretty self-explanatory: Everyone's favorite Star Wars gangsta beeyotch lays it down, on the reals. (If you haven't seen this, click immediately.)

Doppelgänger - Of lunch breaks and confusion. One of my favorites.

Come back tomorrow for even more SNL Clips!


Brian Villalobos lives in Austin, Texas (practically), writes on film and TV, and totally cried at Stuart Little.

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