"Teletubbies Go to War": Teams Enter the Military on The Amazing Race

Oh, Team Cha Cha Cha, I will miss you. For the second time, Danny and Oswald have placed fourth overall in the Amazing Race, just as they did back in Season Two.

I was really hoping Danny and Oz would make it to the final three, but instead we have two of my least favorite teams (Eric & Danielle and Charla & Mirna, if you're keeping score) racing for $1 million against the Beauty Queens. Dustin and Kandice, I've been rooting for you this whole time, so don't let me down!

Last night's episode of The Amazing Race featured the Beauty Queens at their finest, as they managed to stay ahead of the other teams the entire time, even when the other teams managed to get on the same flight as Dustin and Kandice. Though I am still not entirely sure how Charla and Mirna showed up at the airport so quickly behind the Beauty Queens, as they were on a ferry that departed an hour later. Color me confused. In any event, I was whooping and hollering as the girls continued their winning streak, once again landing in the top spot. Plus, they seemed to have a hell of a good time getting there. Dustin completely got into the Roadblock and had an awesome time locating a "downed" pilot and making her way to the extraction point, where she was airlifted by helicopter. Can these two just win the top prize already?

Danielle's mental breakdown was hysterical as she began to wander in the jungle and wound up covered in spiders. I understand that the heat is on and only three teams will make it through this round to compete for a chance at $1 million, but come on now. You're using a fricking GPS to lead you to the pilot. Follow the arrow and keep walking. It's really not that difficult. I was hoping that Danielle's tantrum would have resulted in the gruesome twosome getting eliminated this week, but she managed to find the extraction point. I'd be curious to know just how long she was wandering out there because it seemed like quite a while.

Charla, meanwhile, couldn't keep her fingers off the GPS device, and, despite her military escort and Mirna telling her, she kept pressing the screen and buttons of the device, resulting in an error about more than half the time. As much as I admire Charla, I couldn't help but roar with laughter as she repeatedly kept touching the damn thing.

Oh, Mirna and her accents. This week, she basically insulted a taxi driver with one of her put-on phony accents as she kept asking him for the airport and then had the temerity to turn to the camera and explain that it always helps to ask a person in the right accent. Um, no, Mirna. How about you use your real accent and not some bizarro Spanish/Italian/Esperanto accent? Maybe then the person on the receiving end of your questions would understand you. Who else was cheering when they missed the first ferry?

I thought it sad that only Charla and Mirna chose the "humanitarian" Detour last night (but given the fact that the clue stated it would take longer, I understand the decision), but the experience did seem like a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. And anyone that puts Mirna in her place -- a military officer chastised her for throwing stuff into the box for the drop as if the items were garbage -- is A-okay with me.

And, Mirna, just because you haven't seen someone else use the Internet, that doesn't mean that they don't know HOW to use the Internet. Get a clue and drop the holier-than-thou attitude. How Danny and Oswald think that these two should win is beyond me.

One of the best lines of the night: "We're not sure whether we landed in Japan or in Alaska, because we felt the cold breeze, freezing cold, but we don't care." - Oswald, upon making it onto the flight with the other three teams.

It's down to the final three and, while I wish that two of the teams were replaced by others, I can't wait to see what happens next week. If the Beauty Queens win, I'll be ecstatic. And, as long as Eric and Danielle don't win, I'll be satisfied.

But I'm more than a little nervous because, if you haven't noticed, The Amazing Race hasn't yet been picked up for another season. Which means that there hasn't been any production begun for a twelfth installment of TAR and next week's episode might just be the last leg of the Amazing Race. Fingers crossed that it's not the case.

Next week on the season finale of The Amazing Race: Dustin and Kandice's relationship capsizes like their kayak, leading Dustin to be hurt by Kandice's words; Charla and Mirna attempt to outwit the other teams with their dazzling display of interweb know-how; the final challenge is a test to see how well teammates know one another. All this, plus one team walks away with a cool $1 million prize. Who will it be? Find out next week.

* * *

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