New DVD Release Report | 05/01/07

I'm going to try out a new format here on the DVD Tuesday preview: Now you'll get a recommendation on whether or not the disc is a rental or a buy, and what level of each I'm talking about. In this manner I hope I can provide an informative (yet entertaining) budgetary plan for you.

Hmm, I read that last sentence back and it looked a little marketing-riffic, so let's try this: You have money, I have answers. Let's get symbiotic.

Strong Buy

1. Dreamgirls Two-Disc Showstopper Edition
As a movie fan you've got to do this right, no one-disc treatment for your library. This set comes with 12 alternate and extended scenes and 1100 images (that's a lot). It's also sporting some audition footage and a costume design feature. If you're a fan of musicals you should own this. If you're a fan of movies you should own this. Basically, go own this immediately.

Rent or Buy

2. Happily N'ever After
Here's the breakdown. It's not a good movie for adults, but it works fine and dandy for children. So then, if you're a parent who needs 90 minutes off, give it a rental. If you're a parent with a birthday coming up (Your child's birthday, not yours. I'm guessing you're probably underappreciated.) it could turn into a buy.


3. Alpha Dog
I've heard it's worth a viewing just to confirm that this Justin kid has a bright future. Based on a true story, the plot doesn't finish well, but that's the joy of rental, isn't it? You can drop it in the slot and be done forever.

4. The Hitcher
Your scare DVD of the week. It's only 84 minutes, so you could grab dinner before or after watching, and the one disc does have a few special features too. Now, the bad news is that 21 percent on Rotten Tomatoes might kick this one down into the "no thanks" category.

Beer Rental Specials

5. Illegal Aliens:
It's the last film in Anna Nicole's career -- but I'm not sure what that means for us movie fans. This has a sordid car wreck-style appeal, but I wouldn't spend the four bucks unless you're prepared to lower your expectations and enjoy a guilty giggle.

6. Little Children:
This is a bad movie posing as an art-house flick. Don't you believe it for a second, this boring little effort is pointless. I give you permission to rent it, but only if you never drink merlot and look down on those who wear Converse shoes. Otherwise you're going to hate it.

That's all for now. See you next Tuesday!

------------------------------------------------, really digging Tuscan wines these days.