Trailer Parked: 28 Weeks Later, Vacancy

Hello, boys and girls, once again it's time we take a peek at everyone's favorite part of going to the movies: coming attractions.

28 Weeks Later
Directed by: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Harold Perrineu Jr., Catherine McCormack, Jeremy Renner

28 Days Later is one of the best and most original zombie movies I've seen, and when a sequel was green-lit and Danny Boyle wasn't attached to direct, I rolled my eyes and pretty much assumed it would be a movie to skip. But after checking out this trailer, I must say ... I'm in. It looks like the grit and humanity Boyle injected his film with has carried over, and I wouldn't be surprised if we'll be dealing with a metaphor or two. Maybe I'm just getting fooled with the fancy editing, the use of Muse on the soundtrack, the British accents, the American angle or the fact that the always cute Mary McCormack makes an appearance. But for the time being, you have me, you clever trailer cutters.

Also of note, the guy who directed this thing made an uber-cool Spanish flick called Intacto back in 2001. If this movie is half as good as that one, we might be in for something here.

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Directed by: Nimrod Antal
Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson, Frank Whaley

This trailer lost me from the very beginning. You know when you see an exchange like the following, you're in for it:

Kate Beckinsale waking up from a nap in the passenger seat, Luke Wilson driving ...
Kate: This isn't the interstate ...
Luke: I took a short-cut.
Kate: Where are we?
Luke: I don't know ... oh, the engine just made a noise.

Uh-oh. Haven't these people seen one horror film in their lives? Don't they know they're already dead (or at least traumatized for life)? This movie might be fun, but I'm already a little skeptical. The idea of trapping an unwitting couple in their hotel room to torture and kill is just peachy. But this looks like a movie filled with plot conveniences from the get-go. Other than that, there's really two things to note about this movie. First, the guy who directed this ... his first name is "Nimrod." That's never a good sign. Second, in looking at the cast over at IMDB, I see two character names that caught my eye: "Snuff Guy" and "Snuff Girl" ... I don't know what that's about, I'm not sure I want to know, but I do know I'm probably not going to fork over ten bucks to find out. This looks like a DVD-worthy viewing from where I'm sitting (a chair, for the curious minds out there).

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