American Idol Power Rankings

It's power ranking time!

9. Jon Secada
Are you going to tell me no one could have busted out an awesome version of "Just Another Day"? Instead we get the guy from Matchbox 20 and two versions of the Miami Sound Machine? That just won't do.

8. Haley
Haley sang "Turn the Beat Around," but she never really turned it up or upside down. Blake helping her with the drums in the intro was cute, but her wearing my former gym coach's shorts wasn't. Shout-out to Coach Gooch!

7. Phil
I really don't like the song "Maria, Maria" so maybe my judgment is clouded. Also if you sing that Carlos Santana is in the hizzy ... then he'd better be there. That's all I'm saying. J-Lo, are goose pimples the same as goosebumps? If Phil or Haley doesn't go I'll be shocked.

6. Melinda
She's starting to seem like the supernova that burned too brightly. The good news is she got off her first zinger of the competition, "Simon's been wanting to something bad, and I'm glad he got the chance." If she's going to make a move it needs to be soon because you can just feel her fans getting bored.

5. Chris
He was again good enough to get through. Anyone who can make a Rob Thomas song sound "new" at this point deserves a fruit basket and a medal. If they ever do a pop or '80s night, look out for Chris. He could slow play himself right into the mix.

4. LaKisha
I think I would have needed help with how to say "conga" too. On the plus side, she looked completely comfortable with a genre that could have been problematic. The fact that Paula criticized her was jarring -- the difference between early season Paula and today Paula is profound.

3. Blake
It was weird how J-Lo referred to her husband as Marc Anthony, as opposed "hubby" or "my main squeeze." Blake's performance wasn't amazing, it was more that the night as a whole was a little deflated.

2. Jordin
She's fresh, she's young, and she's consistent. Jordin Sparks even sounds like a stage name. She stalks the stage like a tigress. I've slowly become a big fan of her work. Plus the fact that she towers over Ryan is reason enough to keep her around.

1. Sanjaya
I mean, c'mon, the kid busted it out in Spanish. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Latino music was the theme, and this kid did it up better than anyone else out there. He's still the most captivating thing on the tele right now, and Idol having him in the last slot last night had to thrill the producers. Whenever Sanjaya is on you have to watch. That's just a fact.


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Honorable mention and random thoughts:
The stars have united and now Seattle has the top three slots. How's that feel, Cowell? I want weird Paula back, I'll bring the prescriptions. I just read on a message board that Martina McBride is next week's guest; that might actually be good news for a lesser singer like Haley. And you know Sanjaya will be sporting a cowboy hat. Heck, he might actually ride a horse in. Looking forward to it!

------------------------------------------------, I wish I was next week's Idol theme.