Cast of Real World: Las Vegas Reunited

Damn you, MTV!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

Just when I thought I'd finally outgrown The Real World, so proud of my newfound maturity and adulthood and ability to casually bypass reality shows about teenage alcoholics and the problems they consistently fail to attribute to their alcoholism and all the sex they have with each other in hot tubs and the forks they throw at one another and ....

Oh, damn you, MTV.

They're reuniting the cast of The Real World: Las Vegas.

Yes, that's right. Alton. Irulan. Steven. Trishelle. Brynn. Arissa. Frank. Back together. Back in Vegas. They're even storing them in the same Palms penthouse they had before (remember this is the crew that put The Palms on the map -- no one had even heard of Ghostbar before it became their hangout). Filming begins this month, five years after season twelve of the series last filmed. And, remember, there is now a Playboy club in the Palms, so that opens up a whole new world of opportunity for this crew.

I have to wonder: how on earth did they get all seven of them to sign back on? They were all at least 21 when the show filmed, meaning they are 26 at the very least now. How much is MTV paying them that every single one of them agreed to drop everything in their lives for several months and relive this nightmare? Or is it just that none of them has anything important going on in their lives? I guess we'll find out ....

This is genius, MTV. Really, truly genius. Way to reel back in all of us who were finally beginning to wriggle free of the grasp you've had on us since before puberty. You win, MTV. Uncle. I will watch. I will make it my life's work to watch. I haven't got a choice. Hell, I'll probably end up live-blogging the episodes. And I will love every minute of it. Sigh.

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