What I'll Be Watching, April 9

8 pm: Everybody Hates Chris.

On tonight's repeat episode ("Everybody Hates Hall Monitors"), Tanya learns that her friends are hanging out with her just to get close to Drew, while Chris makes the uncomfortable realization that his classmates don't take him seriously when he becomes hall monitor. Word to the wise, Chris: hall monitor has never equalled popularity. Ever.

8:30 pm: Old Christine.

On tonight's episode ("The Real Thing"), Christine once again proves why she should not be allowed near any electrical equipment when she sends an email meant for BFF Barb to all of the parents at Ritchie's school. Ouch.

9 pm: 24.

It's Day Six of 24. While FOX doesn't give us much in the way of previews, here's what we do know: the administration continues their offensive maneuver, Jack comes face to face with Fayed (finally) and there's yet another shocking development. Wake me up when it's Day Seven.

10 pm: The Riches on FX.

Is anyone else watching new drama The Riches on FX? On tonight's episode ("The Big Floss"), Wayne is forced to cover up one of Hugh's, er, shadier deals, while Dahlia tries to find ways of amusing herself. Just stay away from the meth, Dahling.

* * *

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