Murder (Non) Mystery: NBC Bumps Off Andy Barker, P.I.

It's no mystery why Andy Barker P.I. has disappeared from NBC's Thursday night lineup.

After airing four episodes of the Conan O'Brien-produced, single camera comedy -- which starred Andy Richter and Arrested Development's Tony Hale -- NBC has decided to pull the struggling comedy from the lineup, effective immediately.

NBC will therefore return Scrubs to the Thursday night "comedy done right" lineup sooner than anticipated, while shunting Andy Barker to the death knell of Saturday night burnoff.

Sure, the series only had one episode left to air -- scheduled for this Thursday night -- and a "bonus" unaired episode available for streaming at or for download at iTunes, but apparently even one or two episodes of a turkey like this (not to mention a poisoned chicken of a series) is too many for NBC. The remaining two episodes of Andy Barker P.I. will be quickly burned off between 8-9 pm this Saturday.

Sorry, Andy, you may have once saved the universe, but sitcom success just wasn't in the cards again.

* * *

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