Jason Wahler Arrested

I'd make this headline "Jason Wahler Arrested (Again)," but, see, I already did that. On March 5 of this year, I ran the headline "Jason Wahler Arrested Once Again," a minor deviation from the headline I ran in late September of last year, "Jason Wahler Arrested ... Again." I'm just going to leave the "Again" part out this time and trust that you folks have already noticed the pattern.

Jason Wahler was arrested this weekend, for the fourth time in nine months, this time in Seattle. Maybe being in Sanjaya's hometown got him all riled up. Wahler was picked up just after 2 a.m. on Sunday for criminal trespassing and assault. Basically, he punched some guy in the lobby of his hotel. And just in case that alone wasn't going to make the papers, Wahler opted to call the arresting officer a slew of racist and homophobic terms I don't feel particularly comfortable repeating here, but which you can read for yourself in the incident report. Let's just say the guy gave Mel Gibson a run for his money. He was booked at King County Jail and released about nine hours later.

This arrest comes, of course, on the heels of rumors that Wahler made a sex tape with his former Hills co-star, Lauren Conrad, and is threatening to release it before he goes to jail for his September arrest. Conrad has denied the existence of such a tape, but there's been no comment from Wahler's camp, most likely because they can't find the time to issue press releases when all their time is spent bailing their client out of jail.

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