Joe Francis Arrested on Tax Evasion

Hey, it's how they finally got Al Capone, so here's hoping that the tax evasion charges Joe Francis was hit with on Wednesday keep him behind bars for a while. The Girls Gone Wild "porntrepreneur" is already doing a quick stint in a Florida jail for criminal contempt of court, but these charges could keep him in the slammer for up to ten years.

The indictment was issued by a federal grand jury in Reno, Nevada, and accuses Francis of deducting more than $20 million in false buisness expenses on his 2002 and 2003 corporate income tax returns, stashing revenue in offshore bank accounts and doing a bunch of other stuff that you're really not supposed to do on your taxes (which are due in THREE DAYS, people, so get to it!).

A hearing is scheduled for May 22 in Reno. If he's convicted, Francis could do up to ten years in prison and be forced to pay fines of up to $500,000.

And, although it's apropos of nothing in this context, I'm loathe to write an article about Joe Francis without reminding everyone that he's a dirty awful rapist who I truly hope gets a taste of his own medicine in the slammer.

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