Weekend Preview April 13th

It's insanity at the multiplex this weekend, I tell you, insanity. And a mostly unpleasant insanity.

Six films are opening wide today. This is pretty much unprecedented, but it's probably not something we'll see repeated soon, because today is a dumping ground, a way to burn off some films that have been sitting around for a while and will end up being written off on someone's taxes, most likely. Arriving unceremoniously on less than 2,000 screens apiece are Pathfinder, Redline, and Slow Burn, the last of which has, apparently, been sitting on a shelf for three or four years. None of these films were screened for critics, so your best bet is to stay far away from them. (I'll check out Pathfinder and Slow Burn today -- I expect it to hurt something awful -- so if you really must know how precisely terrible they are, check in with me later this weekend at FlickFilosopher.com.)

The big releases today are the "thrillers" -- I use the word ironically -- Disturbia and Perfect Stranger, but these are quite dreadful, too: avoid, avoid, avoid, or don't say I didn't warn you.

The only good insanity to be found this weekend? Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which is bizarre beyond words. I laughed my head off, but it's kinda an acquired taste. I don't mean that you need to have seen the Cartoon Network show it was spun off from -- I've never seen it, and I still got a huge kick out of it -- but that it's that weird Adult Swim humor, which isn't to everyone's taste. You already know if it is.

In indie releases, Year of the Dog is a sweet and surprisingly subversive valentine to animal lovers, though it's on only a few screens, so you might have a tough time finding it. But it'll be easier to find The Hoax and Black Book today -- both are both adding screens, and I heartily recommend both.

MaryAnn Johanson
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