New DVD Release Report | 4/10/07

Paula Cole sang, "Where have all the cowboys gone?" Today I sing, "Where did all the DVDs go?" After weeks of solid titles, I'm left scrounging today. So if you've got a DVD of your home videos, send it in. I'll say something mean about it. I promise.

1. Bobby
I simply LOVED this movie. This DVD is bare bones, though, disregarded and disrespected like the movie itself. Now we're in the untenable position of having to buy this version to ensure a special edition is made. Sadly I'm going to fall for that trap. Like I said, I loved the movie.

2. Payback The Director's Cut
Hey, here's another movie I really liked, and this one is getting Director's Cut treatment. The thing to note here is how damn good Mel Gibson is. This was before all the subtext, back when he was a normal bloke. He plays a ruthless man bent on revenge, one of my favorite story archetypes. Payback is at the very least a rental. Trust me.

3. Major League Wild Thing Edition w/ Turf Cover
This disc causes me ethical concerns. Why would you want a turf cover? To what end? However, the disc features an alternate ending! Do you think they lose? Color me interested and first in line.

4. Scooby Doo, Where Are You! The Complete Third Season
Before you start giggling at how hard up I am for titles, let's look at the positive. 1) It's not the live-action movie, which was in fact putrid. 2) It's not the sequel to the live-action movie, which in fact made people go blind. 3) It's six hours of entertainment. Perhaps you'll buy it for your children to teach them what subtext really was back in the '70s.

5. C.S.I. Seasons 1-6
I'm not going to pretend I watch C.S.I.. I don't watch any crime show really, but 38 discs of entertainment is 38 discs of entertainment. Yeah, it costs $381, but you could plan your retirement around it.

6. Phantasm
Things to like: The tagline here is "If this one doesn't scare you, you're already dead!" Plus it's only 15 bucks over on the world's widest river website ( Thankfully it's also the last DVD to cover for this merciless week. Next week we're back to good. I promise.

That's all for now. See you next Tuesday!

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