Negative User Review For Evan Almighty

One of the mighty sequels this summer just got off to a bumpy start. A reader emailed in some thoughts to our buds at Cin City 2000 (warning, light spoilers) on the upcoming comedy Evan Almighty starring Steve Carell.

As a critic I'm forced to hold all reviews until the studios allow me to publish, but in a case such is this, where a private citizen is invited to an advanced screening with no strings attached, the first amendment comes in delicious play. Here are some of the fun quotes this advanced screener had to offer:

"To me, it seemed like there was no reason to make this a sequel at all; an entirely new cast could have been brought in and made a completely original movie."

"I just expect more from a MAJOR HOLLYWOOD SEQUEL."

"I consider this movie one of the worst of 2007."

Yikes! Now, in the sake of fairness, this film isn't due out until June 22. A lot could happen between now and then, the director was at this screening and he might be headed back into the editing booth based on where he heard the laughs. So you never know, Evan Almighty could still rock the box office and win our hearts. Our friends over at AintItCoolNews have picked up the scent last month, a more positive slant, right here.

You can read the full review over at Cin City 2000, but note there are a few spoilers in terms of what the plot is about and who it involves. Thanks to Corey for the head's up!

------------------------------------------------, don't shoot the messenger.