Grindhouse, A Gal's Perspective

When I noticed the Evil Beet saw Grindhouse I knew I had to bring her thoughts to the masses. She's the least "critical" of all our writers -- she sees a few movies a month (as opposed to triple figures like MaryAnn, Cargill, Dre, and myself). She's your all around go-to gal for celebs, but here's her first foray into film commentary. Enjoy it! - Laremy

On Friday night, all my girlfriends bailed on me, and I wound up hanging out with four super-hot guys. Great, right? No, not at all, because all they wanted to do was see Grindhouse, the new Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino three-hour-and-eleven-minutes exploitastic double feature. “Can’t we see Blades of Glory,” I whined. “Or at least The Lookout?” But the boys were having none of it. Their minds were made up, and I could go along, or I could go home and spend a Friday night alone. Better at Grindhouse with hot guys than home alone, right? So I went.

Based on the previews and the hype, I’d pegged both the films as violent, gross-out, Rose McGowan-naked films, with very little to offer me (okay, Rose McGowan naked is hot, but still …). And all of that was pretty much true, but it turned out I really loved the movie. I think I liked it better than most of the guys. The first one is more futuristic/sci-fi/terror, all genres that I typically hate, but for some reason I really, really liked it. It was fun, funny, entertaining, intriguing and sexy in a sweet way, not sexy for the sex of it. And the second one actually ends up being a total girl power film. I swear! It’s a little slow getting started, and very literary (I kept thinking it seemed like it was based on a short story), but at the end it’s all adrenaline, and totally about female strength and empowerment (I won’t say much more because I don’t want to give anything away). The chick who was Uma Thurman’s stunt double in the Kill Bill movies has a starring role in the second one. Pretty cool, eh?

So if your boyfriend is trying to drag you to this movie and you keep resisting, go ahead and let him win this one.

Hmmm, if only more people had taken Beet's advice, then my predictions wouldn't have been so off. Thanks for the knowledge, Beet! hearts you.