Previewing Copying Beethoven, The Shield Season 5, More

I'm always telling you guys about what screenings I'm running to, but I'm constantly inundated with new DVDs too, and I feel like I should be sharing. Here's what's teetering in piles on my desk (and on the bookshelf, and on the floor) at the moment:

The Shield: Season 5: I kept hearing great things about this show when it first debuted, but my crappy cable company wasn't carrying FX at the time, so I never got to check it out. And now it's already up to season 5? Geez. I didn't know Forest Whitaker was in this, but after his powerhouse performance in The Last King of Scotland, I might just have to jump right into Season 5 anyway and catch up as I go.

Christy: The Complete Series: Awww, how cute. It's like Doctor Quinn: Medicine Women Babies. Oh, but wait, Christy's a schoolteacher in the Old West, not a doctor. Like it makes a difference. I bet she falls in love with some rugged Marlboro Man type, doesn't she?

Copying Beethoven: I had wanted to see this one in theaters last fall, but it slipped away before I could catch it. Ed Harris stars as the composer, with Diane Kruger as a student who works for him transcribing music. I bet there's some nooky involved, too.

The Addams Family: Volume 2: I loved this show when I was a kid -- it was truly twisted and yet still sweet, and probably helped make me the warped gal I am today. And thank God they haven't colorized the glorious black and white.

The Loop: Season One: There's a TV show called The Loop? Where have I been? I haven't even heard of this. Ah, now I see: it's a sitcom. I hate sitcoms.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj Unrated! Turistas Unrated! Eragon Two-Disc Special Edition! Truly, I am blessed.

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