New DVD Release Report | 03/19/07

Our cup runneth over for the second week in a row, first Bond and now Balboa. The best part is there is an alternate ending for Rocky on this DVD release, one that would have ruined the movie in my opinion. So you can see how the film maker's narrowly avoided disaster.

1. Rocky Balboa: Note that it's not Rocky 6 because even Stallone wants to pretend that Rocky 5 was a practical joke. This disc also features boxing bloopers and a commentary with Sly himself. The only weird part is the feature called "Virtual Champion: Creating the Computer Fight." Well guys, video games have been around a few years now so I'm guessing it wasn't all that hard.

2. Blood Diamond Two Disc Special Addition
It got a five Oscar nominations and was very well regarded by critics. This two disc set does feature a documentary on the impetus behind the film, Blood on the Stone. Essentially the diamond business is corrupt and exploitative and this DiCaprio film thinks you should know it.

3. Deadliest Catch : Season 1
This was a great yet unheralded series that appeared on the Discovery channel about Alaska's crab fishing industry. It's dangerous and dreary work, but possibly lucrative too and you get a front row seat to the roller coaster of emotions in this unknown world. I'm not completely sure why a ten hour series takes up five DVD discs but if you've got the storage space I highly recommend this.

4. Eragon Two Disc Special Edition
Eragon was a rare teen fantasy film that was pretty much panned. But I come in peace today, the special edition is rolling with deleted and extended scenes, commentary, and about 25 other features I don't really understand (The Inhabitants of Alagaesia? Is that Esperanto?).

5. Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner: Uncensored
This disc has plenty going for it, first and foremost the tagline, "The Shat hits the fan." Nice! It also goes uncensored, a must for a roast, and breaks down the making of the Shatner roast.

6. The Nativity Story
This disc has almost nothing going for it, poor box office, poor reviews, poor anecdotal evidence. However I'd like to give you a reason to rent it, right here, right now. It's directed by Catherine Hardwicke who directed Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown. She's a rising force and her next film, The Monkey Wrench Gang should make her a household name. So rent this to see her roots.

See you next Tuesday!

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