Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate Fan Event

Look, I’m an uberfan. A dork, a geek, a fanboy. I freely admit it, and well, I make a living off of it. But that has more to do with not really being qualified to do much else. And it also means I’ve got to do things like the Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate Fan Event, held simultaneously in several cities on Sunday, March 18th. Of course this time it has more to do with my wife’s tremendous love of all things PotC than it does my own. I mean, I love the movies, I do – but coming off of the heels of nine days of straight movies, I’m kind of tired. No, I’m really tired. But what the hell. I was up for just a little bit more. And my wife was all sorts of giddy.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate Fan Event was something of an anomaly, and something I hope to see more of in the future. In all actuality, it was the theatrical premiere of the trailer for the upcoming film (despite the Russian version being leaked onto You Tube hours before). But for fans it was so much more.

First and foremost it was a screening of a pristine print of the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on the big screen one more time. And come on, not only is that a pretty kick-ass movie, but it’s a really pretty movie. I don’t care how many times my wife and I have cuddled up on the couch with it, we wanted to see it BIG again. So we did. With 200 fans just as eager as we were.

And then there was the swag. Lots of giveaways involving costume contests and singing the very best of pirate songs. Not to mention the free beta test copies everyone got of the new Pirates of the Caribbean MMORPG and Captain Jack Sparrow bandanas. Look, girls love Johnny Depp. And many of them dressed up as pirates or wenches in homemade costumes to share their love of him. What has two thumbs and was the big winner at that party? THIS GUY!

But when all was said and done it all came down to one thing – the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, played twice so we could take it all in. And when you see it, especially if you see it big, you’ll understand the excitement in the room. The thing is BIG. Inordinately big. It looks like the long forgotten film Erik the Viking on the kind of steroids that only Jerry Bruckheimer can inject. Tons of snappy dialog, lots of Jack Sparrow and more monsters, ships, explosions and swordplay than should be allowed in a single two-minute trailer. I. Cannot. Wait.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate Fan Event took place in about 10 cities. But only in Austin were we treated to a behind-the-scenes short obviously intended for the DVD to be released later this year. There was a ton of new footage, including sequences from the massive battle scene at the end of the movie and a great comedic sequence in which Jack finally tells the truth to the two wenches on Tortuga. You think he gets slapped again? And then there’re a couple of spoiler-like things I’ll drop in the next and final paragraph for anyone jonesing for more. But for the rest of you, lets just say it was a good time had by all for anyone who is in love with Disney’s latest take on piracy.

Alright, here’s a few spoilers to whet your appetite. Will proposes marriage in the midst of a large swordfight/brawl and is told that it’s not the time. But she doesn’t say no. There’s another great throwback moment between Elizabeth and Jack that “it never would have worked out between us.” And pretty much every character with a serious speaking role returns for round three, uniting to fight against the East India Trading Company and their slave Davy Jones. Remember, kids. Just two more months. Hope you’re as excited as I am.

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