300 Slightly Stumbles, Bullock Over Performs

I think we may have a first here. For the first time, I believe, since we all started goofing around with this Film.com thing, Laremy correctly predicted the top five movies of the weekend and got pretty close to the mark with their box office take. I don't mean for it to sound like I'm putting Laremy down by pointing out that this is the most right he's ever gotten -- not at all. It's hard, what he's trying to do every Friday: no one can guess how movie audiences are going to react. But Laremy got really, really close this week. That's reason to celebrate. Take a look:

300 [my review] was No. 1 again, which was probably an easy guess, given the poor competition from the week's new films. The Spartan adventure saw a precipitous drop in business, taking in only $31.2 million, a bit lower than Laremy's call of $37.5 million, but still in the ballpark.

What would land at No. 2 was a trickier guess, but our boy called this one, too: Wild Hogs [my review], with $18.8 million, only a million off Laremy's prediction of $17.8 million. Nice.

And from here, Laremy's prognostication just gets even more impressive. At No. 3, Premonition [my review] made $18 million, the biggest deviation from Laremy's guess of $12.9 million -- it's probably never a good thing to underestimate the appeal of Sandra Bullock, even if it's easy to do. The spooky spot is No. 4., right where Laremy said Dead Silence would be ... and his $7.7 million is only 100 grand off the actual number of $7.8 million (I suspect this is all much more eerie than the film itself). And at No. 5, I Think I Love My Wife [my review] made $5.7 million. Laremy was more generous than moviegoers turned out to be, and called for the film to make $7.1 million. Chris Rock should send him some flowers or something.

And we should give Laremy a round of applause and a hearty hip-hip-hoorah. And we could offer to be his best friend forever if he'd take a gander at this week's Powerball numbers ...

(Box office numbers via Box Office Mojo.)


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