Jesse Metcalfe Enters Rehab

What if you've got low Q rating (I think that's a buzz factor thing, I might have heard it once on a news show) and a show that's tanking? I'll tell ya what you do, you march straight down to the 'hab to get "help." Your PR folks demand no less.

The latest?

(Jesse Metcalfe, Desperate Housewives) ... is said to have voluntarily admitted himself ... following several nights of heavy partying. A representative for the 28-year-old confirmed the reports this morning and asked for the press to respect his privacy while he battles his alcohol demons, according to the New York Post.

"The actor hopes that the media will allow him the privacy to deal properly with his treatment."

Note the buzzwords here. The guy was "partying." He's not a delinquent, ladies, he's just a little party-heavy sometimes. He "voluntarily" checked himself in. He's a proactive mutha, you hear me, casting agents? He's battling "demons," you telling me he can't star in your crappy movie of the week?

"Hopes the media will allow him privacy," except for reporting when he triumphantly "recovers" and they do a press release.

Alright, alright, I'm sure he does have an issue, and it's good he's on top of it. I just wonder why no one enters rehab without a story these days. If it were me, I'd handle my bidness in a private manner like the rest of the world.


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