Jennifer Hudson Gets Free Burger King FOR LIFE!!

I am so jealous. Burger King has just given Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson free Burger King for the rest of her life! I truly believe I could live on BK's chicken sandwiches alone. I think it has all the food groups, right? And it's yummy. I need to win an Oscar.

You see, when Jennifer responded to Simon Cowell's complaints that she didn't thank American Idol in her Oscar acceptance speech, Hudson responded by saying: "If I'd been any better at my job when I was at Burger King in my middle teens, I wouldn't be here either, so should I thank them, too?"

Burger King responded with the following statement:

"...In response to Jennifer's recent comments in which she asked if she should be thanking Burger King, we say thanks, but no thanks are necessary. Burger King Corporation is proud of Jennifer's success and while we never like to lose employees, in this case, our loss is the entertainment industry's gain ... To further show our support for Jennifer, and make sure she never has to sing for her supper again, Burger King Corporation is giving her a pre-paid BK Crown Card that will be automatically reloaded for life."

Burger King is only the latest fast food chain to grab free publicity from a celeb's controversy. In late January, when Kevin Federline took heat from the fast food industry for a Super Bowl commercial, Taco Bell responded by offering K-Fed a one-hour shift, complete with free food for the patrons during that hour.

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