What I'll Be Watching, March 23

8 pm: Spoons on BBC America (11 pm ET).

It's another episode of British sketch comedy series Spoons, in which the cast transform themselves into a series of characters based on "fabulous young urbanites" in their most painful situations.

9 pm: Six Degrees.

I can't even remember what happened the last time I saw this series, but it returns to the schedule tonight. On tonight's episode ("Slings and Arrows"), Laura goes on her first date since her husband's death and finds the photo Caseman took of her sobbing, while Carlos learns Damian's secret.

10 pm: Clatterford on BBC America (9 pm ET).

It's the third episode of Jennifer Saunders' new series Clatterford. On tonight's episode, while the vicar seems to be taking the "Beating of the Bounds'' very seriously, it's an excuse to drink for everyone else in the village.

10:40 pm: Little Britain on BBC America (9:40 pm ET).

Another chance to catch the antics of David Walliams and Matt Lucas as they skewer stereotypes in this hilarious sketch comedy show. In tonight's episode, Roman gets more than he bargained for at the health spa. Ah, Bubbles de Vere, will you never learn?

* * *

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