Box Office: Turtles Have Enough Shell for Victory

Six major (over 1000 theaters) releases this weekend, which is unheard of. Usually films make an effort to stay out of each other's way to enable some sort of box office success, but that's not the case here. Three of the releases won't make the top five, so I'll give them a quick courtesy mention: The Last Mimzy, Pride, and Reign Over Me. The last one is the most tragic omission of the group. I think it's the best film on the board right now, but Reign Over Me has been unfairly labeled as a 9/11 film, no small thanks to the marketing department, and now it will be cast upon the wind. It deserved better.

5. Wild Hogs $12.6m
Let's face it, that 27 percent rating hung on Wild Hogs by Metacritic didn't affect it in the slightest. Now we can all look forward to a Wild Hogs 2 where the guys open a summer camp or something.

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4. The Hills Have Eyes II $13.1m
The hills don't really have eyes. I don't know if that's a spoiler, I'm just stating it as a plain fact. What The Hills do have is 2500 theaters. That's enough to crack the top five. That's enough to ensure it's playing at a theater near you (Warning: offer not valid in Antarctica).

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3. 300 $15.8m
I'm siding with MaryAnn on this one. 300 changes the game where stylistic CGI films are concerned. Sin City carried the initial banner, but 300 slammed it home.

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2. Shooter $16.1m
The rumor mill suggests that Mark should've sat this one out. The rumor mill, in this case, consists of a few critics I overheard while I was trying to read my book before a screening. Investigative journalism at its finest!

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1. TMNT $30.2m
Whew is this an annoying flick. It's totally kid-focused! For this very reason it will thrive at the box office, though. I oftentimes let my emotions get the better of me when predicting movies, but even I can see the writing on the wall here. A dominating weekend for the amphibian adolescents.

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Check back with MaryAnn on Monday, she'll know what's shaking.

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