Movie of the Week: The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery

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The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)
Directors: Charles E. Guggenheim, John Stix
Production: Guggenheim Associates
Genre: Caper/Heist
Starring: Steve McQueen, David Clarke, Graham Denton, Molly McCarthy, James Dukas, James Brolin, Lee Van Cleef, Cleavon Little
Runtime: 89 min.

Based on an actual bank heist (and even using the St. Louis policemen who took part in thwarting the original robbery), this fairly ho-hum caper film stars Steve McQueen as the driver of the getaway car for the four bank robbers. The four men go over their plan several times, including dry runs to cover every possible contingent. These preparations take up most of the film, so that by the time the thieves are ready to do it, the audience has been ready forever. The actual scenario when the thieves walk into the bank is fast-paced, and as might be expected, even the best-laid plans cannot foresee everything. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

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