Britney's Out of Rehab

Britney is just so smart she was able to complete a 45-day rehab program in fewer than 30 days. Rock on. [Evil Beet]

It's almost like Jenna Jameson is the very definition of class. [DListed]

I want a "Tears for Spears" t-shirt. [CityRag]

Vivica A. Fox joins the celebrity DUI club. Hey, if the last decent film you made was Ella Enchanted, you'd drink, too. [Bossip]

Angelina, Madd, Pax, Zahara and Ylgixx leave Vietnam. Okay, I made the last kid up, but that's totally what they're going to name him. [Cele|bitchy]

Celebrities continue to be a ringing endorsement for rehab. Robbie Williams is sober as a judge, if that judge is really drunk. [Celebslam]

TORI I LOVE YOU!!! I love you Tori!!! I love you I love you I love you!!! I am soooo excited for when your May 1 album leaks sometime in early April!!! I will steal it and listen to it obsessively because you are my God. [popbytes]

Why would you want to look at pictures of Lindsay Lohan's naughty bits when there are naked pictures of Pete Doherty on the Internet? [NSFW] [SOW]

Nicole Richie isn't anorexic, she's hypoglycemic, a blood sugar condition which I'm sure isn't at all aggravated by the fact that she never eats. [Rumorficial]

Even Google thinks Lindsay Lohan has a drug problem. [WOW]

Dita Von Teese sans make-up. [Mollygood]

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